Weirdly effective tips for making your new home feel like yours

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When you visited your new home with the Realtor, if felt perfect. You could imagine yourself coming home to it every day to relax and build memories. Then you moved in and it feels a bit weird to be in the new space. It might even be a bit scary.

It is completely normal to be a little put off by living in a new home. Over time, you will come to love the new home just like your old one. In the meantime, here are some tips for making your new home feel like yours.

Spray fragrances
Fragrances have a huge impact on memory and emotions. If your new home still feels a bit strange to you, then try spraying some of your perfume in each room to give it a familiar scent. Or you can light scented candles (just be careful about this if you still have boxes everywhere).

Put something on the refrigerator
The fridge is one of the most-visited appliances in your home. Dig your magnets out of their boxes and put up a picture, a drawing from one of your kids, or even a page torn out of magazine. It will personalize the space for you quickly.

Buy a house-plant
With their colors and aromas, plants can do wonders to bringing life into a home. If you can’t handle the task of keeping a houseplant alive, then buy some cut flowers.

Prop family photos on shelves
You should really save decorating your home for last, or it might take weeks to get unpacking done. Plus, you might end up putting holes all in your walls only to realize that you want to move picture frames to other spots. But this doesn’t mean you can’t personalize your new home by putting family photos where you can see them. Prop them up on shelves or end tables until you can find the right spot for them.

Get new curtains Up ASAP
Curtains are one of the most important aspects to making a house feel like home. First off, they give you privacy so you feel more comfortable. Secondly, they usually take up a lot of wall space so they are vital for decor. Splurge a bit and get new curtains that you really love, and do it right away.