Selling your car before moving: Good or Bad Ideas?

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One of the difficult things about moving to a new state is that you will have to get your car there. You could drive your car there, or hire an auto transport company to ship your car for you. However, in some cases, it might just be best to sell your car before the move. Here are some questions to ask yourself to decide whether selling your car before the move is a good or bad idea.

How much is your car worth?

Use online tools to calculate how much your car is worth now. If the worth is less than the cost of shipping it, then you might be better off just selling it and buying a new car when you arrive.

Were you planning on getting a new car anyway?

Driving a car across the country is a big hassle. If you hire an auto transport company, it won’t be such a hassle but it will be expensive. If you were planning on getting a new car soon anyway, then it is probably best to just sell it before the move.

Do you really need a car in your new home?

Consider all the costs and hassles that come with having a car in your new city: how much will your new insurance premiums be, will you have parking, and is there a lot of traffic in the new city? Then consider what your other transportation options are. You might not have taken the metro in your old city, but be delighted to see that the new city has a great metro system with a stop right outside your door. Instead of battling traffic with a drive to work, you can relax and read the news during the commute.

Will you need your vehicle right away?

If you are moving somewhere without public transportation, or have a large family and require a car at all times, then you won’t want to sell your car. You’ll probably want to drive yourself, or get a rental car until the shipping company can deliver your car to you.

Do you have the time to sell your car?

Selling a car can be time consuming, especially if you have an older car which won’t sell right away. Since you already have so many things to worry about with the move, it might not be worth the hassle of selling.