Packing lampshades: The proper way to do it

Lampshades are one of those large, bulky items which require special care when packing. Take the extra effort to pack lampshades correctly and you won’t be forced to buy new ones when you arrive in your new home.

1. Get the right size box
You are going to need box which is larger than the lampshade. If you are going to nest multiple lampshades in one box, then you are going to need a very large box.

2. Cushion the bottom of the box
You can use folded linens or towels for this to save on bubble wrap.

3. Cushion inside the lampshade
Crumple up some tissue paper, bubble wrap, or towels and put them inside the lampshade. The cushioning will support the lampshade from within so it doesn’t bend or warp. Carefully set the lampshade in the box.

4. Cover the lampshade with packing paper or bubble wrap
Don’t use newspaper for this because the ink easily rubs off and could stain your lampshades. Now you can stack more lampshades on top of this one, putting a sheet or bubble wrap between each one.

5. Fill in empty space
Use wadded up packing paper to fill in the space around the lampshade. The lampshade should not be touching the sides of the box anywhere, and it should not be able to move around in the box.

6. Don’t forget to label!
Always label all fragile items on all sides of the box and the top of the box. It is also a good idea to label what room the box belongs in so the movers know where to unload items.