Packing kids rooms for a move


Packing for a move is time consuming and stressful. It is even more tedious when you’ve got children whose rooms need to be packed and moved. To make it easier on your children (and yourself), follow these tips.

Know when to start packing

If you have young children aged 5 or under, you will want to pack their rooms very last. This way they will still have their own sanctuary of stability while the rest of the home gets packed up (and probably very chaotic). With children aged 6 through 11, you can start packing earlier – but keep them involved in the process so they don’t get overwhelmed. Explain to them what their new room will look like, help them choose which toys and clothes to get rid of, and give them colorful stickers to put on their boxes. Let kids 12 and older pack their own rooms as much as possible. This gives them a sense of control and makes the move easier on them.

Be careful about throwing away too much stuff

Moving is already stressful on kids, and it can be made worse if they arrive at the new home only to discover that their “favorite toy” (which hasn’t been played with in a year) has been thrown away. If your kids are older, get them involved in the purging process by having them choose toys to donate. Explain that the toys are going to children who don’t have toys of their own to play with, and that they are doing a good thing by donating them. This is better than just tossing the toys in the trash!

Give your kids their own “Essentials Box”

When you move, you will want to create a box of essentials which includes items like toiletries, cleaning products, and basic cooking supplies. This box will be packed on the moving truck last so it can be unpacked first. To make the move easier on your kids, give them their own small box or suitcase for packing their essentials. Let them fill it up with their favorite toys, coloring books, or other sentimental items. If your kids are very little, turn it into an activity by having them decorate the box with drawings of what is inside.

Paint before you arrive

If possible, have your kid’s room painted before you arrive with all your belongings. It is going to be a major hassle to paint and decorate once all your kids’ belongings are unloaded in the room!