How to pack lawn mowers for a move?

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Don’t make the mistake of not having your lawn mower properly packed, or you will have to scramble to get it ready on moving day. Here is what you need to know about packing and moving a lawn mower!

Drain oil and gas
Moving companies will justifiably not move anything which is flammable, and this includes the gas and oil in your lawn mower. You will have to drain the oil and gas before moving it. To do this, you will need 2 separate containers for catching the oil and gas, gloves, and a wrench.

Draining the oil
1. First disconnect the spark plug to prevent the lawn mower from accidentally starting.
2. Prop the lawn mower up on cinder-blocks. Locate the mower’s oil drain plug. Put the container underneath and remove the plug to drain the oil.

Draining the gas
The easiest way to drain the gas from a lawn mower is to let it run until it is out of gas. Alternatively, you can use a siphon to remove the gas.

Disposing of the gas and oil
You cannot just toss these in with the trash! Dispose of them in accordance to your city’s rules (which you can find on the EPA website). If you want to save the oil and gas, then you will need to make sure they are in properly-sealed containers and you transport them yourself in your own vehicle.

Disconnect spark plug
The spark plug must always be disconnected before moving a lawn mower to prevent it from accidentally starting in the moving truck. Reputable moving companies will check that you have done this before they load the lawn mower.

Clean the mower
Take the mower outside and use a hose to get off all grass from the blades. You will also want to wipe it down with an old rag to remove any oils or other residue.

Detach the blades and other parts
Remove the lawn mower blades and any other attachable parts. You will need to pack these separately. Remember that this should always be done after the spark plug has been detached!

Loading the lawn mower on the moving truck
Push the lawn mower into the moving truck on a ramp. With riding lawn mowers, keep the transmission in neutral while doing this. Once in the truck, position the mower wheels so they are facing the opposite direction as the truck’s wheels. This will prevent the lawn mower from moving around. You will also want to secure the lawn mower in place with straps.