9 iPhone apps which make moving easier


Moving is a lot easier today thanks to all the Smartphone apps which can help you plan and keeps track of your belongings. Here are just a few of the good ones to consider.

Moving apps for staying organized
• Moving Checklist Pro: This is a very detailed moving checklist and planner tool with over 210 items to take care of. Costs $0.99

• Move Planner: To help you stay organized during the move, this app has checklists which cover over 100 different tasks. Also includes customizable lists, notes, and a package calculator. $1.99

• My Move: This is a customizable moving planner which has checklists, tips, and moving calculators. Free.

• Moving Guru: In addition to having lots of moving checklists, the app also lets you send moving notifications, track inventory, and gives you lots of valuable tips and information. Free

Moving apps for inventory and tracking belongings
• Moving Day: This moving app lets you keep track of everything that is in your boxes. You can even take pictures of the boxes and print bar-codes for each. Free

• Smart Shop Self Storage’s Inventory Tracker: This app is from a storage unit company but you can use it even if you don’t have a storage unit with them. Free

• Moving Van: The app allows you to create detailed inventories of every box, take photos of what is in the box, and assign each box an inventory number or name. $1.99

Apps for planning floor layout
• Magic Plan: Measure your rooms and draw a floor plan by taking pictures. Then add furniture and objects to create a floor plan. Free

• Home Design 3D: This app is very powerful and lets you plan furniture layouts and home renovations. It is easy to use and has a drag-and-drop interface. $6.99