5 reasons you will be happy you moved into a smaller home

5 reasons you will be happy you moved into a smaller home

In the United States, people are used to living in large homes. The average home size hit an all-time high in 2014 with new homes averaging 2600 square feet. This is 150% larger than the average home size in 1983. And it is even larger than the home size in other countries, like the UK (818 sq ft), Canada (775) and Germany (592).

If you are moving to a smaller home, don’t let it get you down. Here are 5 reasons you will be happy that you ditched that large home for smaller digs.

1. You will save money
Large homes don’t just cost more to buy, there are a lot pricier to keep. Think about how much money you will save when you don’t have to heat a giant 2000+ square foot home (most of which you don’t use anyway). Or all the money you save on repairs. You will also save considerably on taxes and insurance.

2. You will save time
Having a large home requires a lot of time to maintain. You’ve got to cut the grass, vacuum, dust both small and large homes require routine maintenance, but think how much faster you’d be able to repaint a small home than a large one! And let’s not forget all of the time you save on maintaining all the stuff you put into a larger home.

3. You will fill your life with more important things
As Graham Hill said in a NY Times article, by moving to a smaller home, you will have less stuff. For some, having less stuff might be considered a bad thing, but Hill argues that, when you have less stuff, you are able to fill your life with more important things like friends, family, and leisure.

4. It is better for the environment
The larger your home is, the larger your environmental footprint.

5. Smaller homes are better investments
Larger homes may be worth more, but their value doesn’t increase as quickly as a smaller home. With smaller homes, you also have a much larger market when you do go to sell.