5 items which you probably own too much of


Have you just found out that you are moving to a new home? The first thing to do is assess all of the belongings you own. Chances are that you have a lot of belongings which you don’t really need or use. Getting rid of these items will not only make the move easier, but allow you to start life in your new home with a clean slate. Here are the top 10 items that you probably own too much of. Start by getting rid of these to make your move easier!

Makeup and toiletries
The average woman has 67 toiletry items in the bathroom! Yet, another study found that 35% of women only use 1 or 2 beauty products daily, and 17% used 3 or 4 products daily. Obviously, there are a lot of beauty products that are going unused.

Take stock of all the makeup, toiletries, and beauty products you own. If they are unopened, give them to a friend. If they are expired (most makeup has an expiration date of about 2 years), throw them out.

Are you really going to read those old magazines again? Sure, some might be worth keeping – like you’re completely collection of National Geographic, but the rest you can probably recycle.

You only need about 2 or 3 sets of sheets per bed. The rest are just taking up space in your closets. The exception to this rule is if you have young kids who may wet the bed. Only then can you justify having extra sheets around. Donate your extra sheets to a homeless shelter or to an animal shelter to use for bedding.

According to the book Unclutter Your Life in One Week, this is how many towels you need:

(House residents + Guest bedrooms) x 2 = Sets of bath towels and washcloths. You might want to hang onto a few extra towels to use for the beach, but the rest can be donated to animal shelters.

I bet you have an entire cabinet dedicated to Tupperware, and that it is so full that you can’t even get to some of the pieces! There is no need to have more Tupperware containers than days in the week (if you’ve got this amount of food in storage, it will just go bad before you can eat it!). In fact, you can eliminate the need for Tupperware completely by just putting your dishes directly in the fridge with stretch-to-fit covers over them.